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Social Media Accounts are Evidentiary Goldmines during Georgia Divorce

It’s no secret that employers check out the social media profiles of potential hires. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great sources of information for employers to learn more about their candidates’ interests and personalities. In fact, due to the extreme candor many exhibit on these social media sites, these sites are often the best place for employers to really learn about their potential new hires.

The same principle holds true during divorce. Similar to employers, divorce attorneys often peruse the social media sites of their client’s estranged spouse for potential evidence. For example, did your estranged husband claim to the court he was financially incapable of paying alimony? His social media account depicting extravagant trips, or a newly purchased automobile may prove otherwise. Similarly, if your divorce attorney shows the court your estranged wife is searching for job interviews through LinkedIn, this may be helpful in defeating her claim she is incapable of getting a job. These are only two examples of the many ways divorce attorneys may use information obtained for social media sites during your divorce. For more information on the types of evidence a court may consider during your Georgia divorce, speak with one of our family law professionals today.


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