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What Divorce Resources do I Need? 

That depends on the county your divorce will be filed in. Divorce law is generally the same throughout the state of Georgia. Nevertheless, forms and the procedures in a divorce may vary by county. For example, if your divorce is filed in Fulton County Superior Court, Fulton will require you to complete a special initial set of discovery at the beginning of your case. Many other counties in Georgia do not require this. Another example is the mandatory "parenting seminar" that some counties in Georgia require divorcing parents to take.

What about the issue of venue? How do you know which county your divorce will be filed in? According to Georgia's venue statue, divorce cases are tried in the county where the defendant resides, if the defendant is a resident of Georgia. Once you have determined which county your divorce could be in, please feel free to select the relevant county below to learn more about what unique forms and/or procedures your county may require.

Should I use Online Divorce Forms? 

Many people fear that using a traditional lawyer for their divorce will be too expensive. As a result, many people look for online divorce forms that they can purchase. Before considering online divorce forms, you should know that using online divorce forms carries an inherent risk. You should also be aware that while many companies on the internet sell online divorce forms, most if not all divorce forms are available for free.

How do I Choose a Lawyer for my Divorce? 

With so many divorce lawyers out there, how do you know which lawyer is best for you and your case? Everyone's situation and budget are different - the best divorce lawyer for your friend or family member might not be the best attorney for you. Divorce can be emotional and wrought with pitfalls, so it's best to have a guide you trust in your corner to help you through your divorce. There are several things to keep in mind when hiring a divorce lawyer for your case.

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