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Top 5 Common Marriage Issues

Common Marriage Issues and How to Fix Them

Marriage isn't easy. It's totally normal to have martial issues between you and your spouse. Martial issues can start out small and grow into larger issues if you don't nip them in the bud. Affairs, financial difficulties, and communication problems - these are the most commonly experienced marital roadblocks. As a result, many married couples actively work toward addressing these issues in an effort to secure their relationship. But, in addition to communication, financial and infidelity concerns, there are several other relationship roadblocks married couples may face that are often overlooked. Listed below are our top 5 most overlooked threats to marriage. Regardless of whether you are recently married, or if you have been married for several years, considering and addressing the threats listed below may help you avoid the calamity that may be caused by leaving these issues unchecked.

The Top 5 Most Common Marriage Issues 

Don’t Expect Marriage to be Easy

Marriage is hard work, often fraught with disagreements, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings. Thus, those who go into marriage expecting marriage to be easy often become disillusioned and frustrated.

Being Honest vs. Brutally Honest

Marriage should be based on a foundation of honesty and trust. However, being honest with your spouse and being brutally honest with your spouse are two very different things. Sometimes, when you don't have anything nice to say, it's best to stay silent, because thinking honesty is always the best policy may end up fostering more resentment than it solves.

Your Family’s Opinion of Your Spouse

Many people are keenly aware that marriage does not magically change people. However, some fail to realize this principle also applies more broadly. If your family was not fond of your significant other prior to your wedding (or vice versa), it is very likely this opinion will not change. As a result, believing you can change your family's opinion of your spouse may place a strain on both your marital and familial relationships.

Ignoring Your Partner

People do not easily change their minds about their desire to have children, professional aspirations, or decisions concerning religious or social affiliations. With this being said, if your spouse told you his or her position regarding an important issue like the ones listed above, believe them. Ignoring what your partner said he wanted before you married with the hope you will change their minds will be unfruitful at best, and as worst it will be the root of several arguments.

Failure to Discuss and set Boundaries

Generally, with the exception family abuse issues, what goes on between a married couple should not be shared unless both spouses are comfortable sharing that information. So, failure to discuss and set boundaries on what is shared outside the relationship may lead to marital strife if one spouse continually shares intimate details with others without the other spouse's consent.

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