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Expert Testimony

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is a witness whose knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education allows them to provide a scientific, technical, or other specialized opinion about the evidence in a case.

Expert Witness Testimony in Divorce

When is Expert Testimony used in court?

In a Georgia divorce, either party may call an Expert Witness to testify on that party's behalf. Before a party may call an Expert Witness to testify, the party wishing to call the expert as a witness must lay a foundation by proving the expert's credentials. This means that a party must demonstrate how the testimony of the expert will help the judge or jury to understand a certain topic or concept which the average person would not fully understand without expert explanation.

There are several topics on which a party may need the assistance of an expert: child custody, business evaluation, or forensic accounting. A party may seek to engage the services of an expert in any one of these fields, not only for the purposes of testimony at trial, but also to aid that party and his or her attorney in understanding complex issues surrounding the particular case.

However, just as attorneys charge fees for these services, Expert Witnesses charge for their services as well. Normally, experts charge a certain rate for any services they render prior to trial. For a more detailed discussion on the differing types of Expert Witnesses which may be utilized in the divorce process and the costs normally associated with these experts, contact the Atlanta Divorce Team.

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