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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

The two Adjustments which must be made to the Basic Child Support Obligation are based on the payment of Health Insurance Premiums on the behalf of the minor child(ren) and the payment of Work Related Child Care expenses by either parent. These Adjustments are sometimes referred to as Mandatory Child Support Deviations. If one parent pays Health Insurance Premiums on behalf of the minor child(ren), these payments must be considered in the Child Support Worksheet.

According to the Official Code of Georgia: "The Amount that is, or will be, paid by a parent for health insurance for the child for whom support is being determined shall be an adjustment to the basic child support obligation and prorated between the parents based upon their respective incomes." O.C.G.A. ยง19-6-15(h)(2)(A). This means if one parent pays Health Insurance Premiums on behalf of the minor child(ren), not including payments made for the child(ren)'s portion of vision or dental insurance, these payments must be considered when calculating the Basic Child Support Obligation. Depending on which parent pays the child(ren)'s portion of Health Insurance Premiums, the Basic Child Support Obligation may be increased or decreased.

The Health Insurance Adjustment is found in Schedule D of Georgia's Child Support Worksheet. Specifically, as can be seen below, this Adjustment is listed in section 2 of Schedule D and is titled: "Health Insurance Premiums Paid for the Children."

Health Insurance

The amount paid by either parent should be placed in the appropriate field. It is important to note that this Adjustment is not a "dollar for dollar" Adjustment, but it is a pro rata Adjustment generated by the formulas contained within the Child Support Worksheet.

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