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Special Child Support Concerns

Special Child Support Services

Schedule B & Other Children

If either parent has a child or children from a prior relationship or marriage that are not to be included in the current child support calculation

Child Support and Taxes

Life Insurance to Provide Coverage

A family law court may order that one or both parents obtain life insurance in an amount sufficient to cover their child support obligation

Child Support in a Military Divorce

There are several aspects of military compensation that are not common among civilian compensation schemes

Split Custody & Child Support

According to Georgia law, split parenting or split custody may "occur in a child support case only if there are two or more children of the same parents

Auto Adjusting Child Support

Child support cannot be automatically modified or adjusted based on an event that may (or may not) happen in the future

Waiver of Child Support

Child support is a right that belongs to the minor child or children involved in the matter

Child Support Agreements

It is permissible for parents to resolve issues concerning child support by agreement according to Georgia law