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Meriwether & Tharp knows that divorce can be stressful, emotional, and complex, and it may be difficult to know where to begin. The first step is to hire the best Woodstock divorce lawyer for your case. One should consider 1) the firm's location and 2) the firm's overall experience with divorce & family law issues. A divorce will generally be filed in the county where you and your spouse live. If you and your spouse live separately, you will likely file for divorce in the county where your spouse lives. If your spouse lives in Woodstock, you would probably file in Cherokee County Superior Court. Once you've figured out which county and court your divorce will take place in, it's time to start thinking about how you want your divorce resolved. 4 issues must be resolved to finalize a divorce - child custody, child support, alimony, and asset/property division or equitable division. If you do not have children, then you will only need to resolve the issues of alimony and equitable division.

In Georgia, different counties may have different local rules and local judges may have unique preferences. Therefore, it is most advantageous to hire an attorney who has experience trying cases in the county where your case will be filed. Meriwether & Tharp's Woodstock office is fully staffed and has been helping divorce and family law clients through difficult times throughout Cherokee County for over 20 years.

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Meriwether & Tharp's Woodstock office is conveniently located near Historic Downtown Woodstock. The office is easy to access off of exit 8 on I-75. If you ever find yourself in need of visiting our Woodstock divorce lawyers, scroll below to find a more detailed route.

Via I-75 N (Coming from Atlanta) - Keep right at the fork to continue on GA-5 N/I-575 N, follow signs for Canton. Take exit 8 for Towne Lake Pkwy toward Woodstock. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Towne Lake Pkwy and your destination will be on the right.

Via I-75 S (Coming from Dalton) - Take exit 271 toward I-575 N. Merge onto Chastain Rd. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left to merge onto GA-5 N/I-575 N. Take exit 8 for Towne Lake Pkwy toward Woodstock. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Towne Lake Pkwy. Our office will be on the right.

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If you have minor children, you will need to start thinking about how child custody will be resolved in your case. You and your ex always have the option of coming together and agreeing to a custody arrangement beforehand. If the parties cannot agree, then the court will decide child custody by looking at the "best interests of the child." The court does not worry as much about what the parents want, rather, they focus on what is in the "best interests of the child." For child custody, you will need to decide who has physical custody of child and when. You can view sample visitation charts here. Next, you will need to decide who has final decision-making authority for school, medical, extracurricular, and religious decisions for the child.

Child Custody is often a hotly contested area and while people are often able to agree on other areas of their divorce, child custody can often times be more difficult. During this time, be cautious not to fight and argue in front of the children. If you're having trouble talking to your kids about the situation, you can read our article on telling the children here. Remember, hiring an experienced Woodstock divorce attorney will likely increase your chances of getting the custody arrangement that works best for your family. You don't have to do this alone, Meriwether & Tharp is here to guide you.

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Woodstock Child Support Lawyers

Child support ensures that even though the parents will be divorced, the child's financial needs will still be taken care of by both parents. Child support in Georgia is calculated using the Georgia Child Support Online Calculator. The amount of child support is based on a chart created by Georgia Legislators that uses both parents' monthly income and the number of minor children to determine an exact monthly child support number. Despite seeming relatively straightforward, child support can be complex. Especially when we consider unique situations that may require the child support amount to be increased or decreased. One of our experienced Woodstock child support attorneys will help you with these adjustments if necessary. Let Meriwether & Tharp guide you through your child support issues.

Woodstock Alimony & Equitable Division Lawyers

Alimony is not right for every case. While some states have an alimony formula, in Georgia there is no formula for determining alimony. Alimony is determined by considering if the receiving party has a "need" for alimony and if the paying spouse has the financial ability to ''pay." Our experienced Woodstock alimony attorneys are well versed in completing the "need vs. ability to pay" analysis. For our analysis, we use proprietary tools like our in-house "Alimony Calculator."

In Georgia, the division of property, assets and debts accrued during the marriage is called equitable division. Many people don't realize that Georgia is not a community property state, meaning that you won't automatically get half of everything. In Georgia, your property, assets and debts will be divided equitably, not equally. For example, this distinction means that after considering several factors the judge could decide to split martial assets up 60/40 or even 70/30. The split will depend on what the judge considers to be "equitable." Without an experienced lawyer guiding you, the decision that the judge could make is relatively unpredictable. To increase your chances of getting a fair split of your assets and retirement, consider hiring one of our Woodstock equitable division attorneys.

Taking the First Step in Divorce

Like many things in life, the first step is educating yourself. Knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect in a divorce can definitely take a lot of the anxiety away. Feel free to browse the topics below to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed in your case.

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