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Preparing for a Divorce 

Divorce is a major life change. As with any major life change, it is advisable to have a plan before you begin the process. A good plan begins with preparation and information gathering. It is important for you to be familiar with the total picture of your divorce, the needs of the children, finances, and property etc. Once you have gathered the relevant information and familiarized yourself with it, you can begin by creating plan or exit strategy to help you get through the process with the least amount of "loss" or "damage" possible. From talking to your family about divorce to preparing for your first meeting with your lawyer, there are several major things to think about before you even file for a divorce. Familiarize yourself with theses issues and create a plan to increase your chances of success.

Creating a Successful Divorce Plan 

Planning an Exit Strategy 

In the world of business, an exit strategy is typically a plan that a business executive might use to get out of a non performing investment with minimal loss. In the divorce world, an exit strategy is a plan that helps you get your life on the right track with minimal "loss" or "damage" from the divorce process. The best time to create an exit strategy is early on in the process, perhaps even before you tell your spouse. We have included a model divorce checklist that you can use to help create your custom divorce exit strategy.

Information Gathering 

A solid divorce plan or even a great exit strategy rely heavily on one thing - information. You can't create a successful plan or a strategy if you only have limited information. This is why information gathering at the start of a divorce (or even better - before the divorce is even filed) is critical. Information will also be cheaper to gather before the process starts, since you won't have to pay a lawyer to do discovery to get that information. We included a divorce checklist or information gathering checklist to help you create a winning strategy.

How Do I Tell My Family About Divorce? 

Telling Your Spouse About Divorce

Breaking the news to your spouse about divorce can be one of the most difficult parts of the divorce process. As difficult as it may be, it's something that has to be done. Emotions may already be running high. It's best to plan out how you are going to tell your spouse from picking a private location to anticipating their reaction and being prepared to listen. Take the time to create a plan for how to tell your spouse.

Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Talking to kids about divorce is very difficult, but leaving your kids in the dark about what's happening could create even more problems down the road. Many people fear that their children will believe the divorce their fault or will worry about whether their parents still love them. These are, of course, legitimate concerns. However, armed with the right tools and information, parents may be able to better handle this very sensitive subject.

Is My Spouse Cheating? 

How can you tell if your spouse is cheating or committing adultery? Adultery, if present, could become relevant in your divorce. Especially as it relates to alimony and property division. Depending upon the circumstances, it may be very difficult to determine if your spouse is cheating. Many people will want to immediately hire a professional to gather evidence. Before engaging the services of a private investigator, observing your spouse's behavior may help you determine if your spouse may be cheating, if further steps are necessary or if it is time to consider speaking with a Georgia divorce attorney.

What Should I Bring to my First Attorney Meeting?

A divorce lawyer cannot successfully advocate for you if they do not have a full picture of your divorce and all of the necessary relevant information. A big part of your first meeting with a divorce lawyer will be explaining the details and facts of your case. Providing your attorney with the relevant information early on the process can speed things up and make the process more successful over all. During your first attorney meeting, you should clearly communicate your goals and expectations. To make the most of your first meeting with your divorce lawyer, take a look at the checklist we created to help your prepare for your first meeting.

Additional Resources 

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