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  • Strengthening your Marriage

    Marriage difficulties often lead couples to consider the prospect of divorce. However, divorce is not always the answer. Divorce is the last step, not the first.
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  • Divorce Preparation

    Create a plan or an exit strategy before you begin the divorce process. It is also helpful to have an understanding of your current financial situation and potential custody issues.
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  • Divorce Advice

    Choosing an effective divorce attorney, avoiding common divorce mistakes, and evaluating the true costs of divorce are critical considerations to evaluate prior to getting a divorce. 
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  • Plan an Exit Strategy

    As with any major life change, it is advisable to have a plan before you begin the process. Below is a checklist of sorts, which may be helpful to those considering a divorce.

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  • Information Gathering

    It is helpful to have an understanding of your current financial situation and potential custody issues. The charts below outline a preliminary list of information and...

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  • Telling Your Spouse

    The discussion of divorce between spouses is a tender, egg-shell coated topic. Breaking the news to an unsuspecting spouse that their world is about to be turned upside-down is...

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  • Telling the Kids

    One question that often comes to mind as a couple considers divorce is: “How do we tell the kids?” This can be a difficult and scary task. However, armed with the right...

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Common Mistakes During Divorce

Divorce is an extremely difficult process to undergo. Often the parties to a divorce experience feelings of anger, guilt, sadness and loneliness. Although these emotions are common and are to be expected, these emotions may lead a party to make mistakes that can have potentially long lasting effects on that party’s life, both financially and emotionally. Below are some common mistakes made by individuals going through the divorce process as well as tips to avoid these pitfalls.

Selecting Legal Representation

  • Choosing an Attorney

    Selecting the best attorney for your case may seem overwhelming at first; but, if you keep the following themes in mind, your search will likely be more fruitful: 1) choose an experienced and reputable attorney; and, 2) choose an attorney with whom you are compatible.

  • Aggressive isn't Always Best

    Many believe selecting the most aggressive divorce attorney is beneficial because they will fight harder on their clients behalf. The truth is that selecting the most aggressive divorce attorney is not always the best choice, and may ultimately cause more harm than good.


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