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Firms Specializing in Divorce Funding may Ease Financial Burden of Divorce

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Divorce is tough, on several different levels. Even under the very best circumstances, divorce still represents the dissolution of a relationship, and the separation and upheaval of an entire family. On top of the difficult emotional cost associated with divorce, divorce is also often a on one or both spouses. Attorney's fees, court costs, and the fees associated with other divorce experts such as financial advisors, valuation experts, and mental health professionals, can be tremendously expensive. In a perfect world, both parties would have the financial resources to withstand the costs associated with divorce. However, this is not always the case. Generally, there is one spouse that lacks the financial independence to engage the team of divorce professionals needed to obtain a fair divorce settlement. In response to this need, a few companies have emerged that provide divorce financing to individuals who need financial assistance to fund a divorce. With the independent financing provided by these companies, individuals can pursue and obtain settlements they might not otherwise have been able to attain.

Divorce funding companies, like, Asta Funding, Inc., and Novitas US, provide financial advances to individuals to cover certain expenses associated with divorce proceedings, such as legal fees, expert costs, and personal expenses. Generally, companies such as the ones listed above are either repaid according to an agreed upon fee schedule, or with a certain percentage (generally one-third) of any settlement received. It is important to note that funding options such as these are only allowed in a limited number of states. In fact, it is highly unlikely that these divorce finding options are available in Georgia due to the contingent nature of the fee agreements.


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