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Fulton Overview

Located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, across from Underground Atlanta and a short walk from the Georgia State Capitol, lies the Fulton County Courthouse, home of the Fulton County Superior Court.  The largest of Georgia’s 159 separate and distinct counties, Fulton County is home to not only the County government seat, but also the Georgia Supreme Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals. 

Unlike the Superior Courts of other Georgia counties, Fulton County has a dedicated Family Law judiciary comprised of four (4) Superior Court judges who only hear matters related to family law, including, but not limited to divorces, modification and contempt actions, family violence matters, etc.  Also, Fulton County has one of the busiest trial courts in the State; and, as such, the court utilizes a unique program of status conferences to help ensure the timely resolution of pending family law cases.  Referred to as 30-Day, 60-Day and 120-Day conferences, the conferences are conducted by Judicial Officers assigned by the court to handle temporary matters on behalf of assigned Superior Court Judges.  The Status Conference system, as well as the use of Judicial Officers, helps to eliminate some of the congestion you see in other courts, which can delay the scheduling of temporary and final hearings.  Fulton County has specific rules which include the Fulton County Mandatory Discovery process. This is extremely helpful by forcing the parties to swap necessary financial documents in a timely manner and positioning the case for mediation in the early stages of litigation. Further, these documents help attorneys move cases forward by providing a brief picture of the marital estate and highlighting potential conflicts that might arise between the parties. Fulton County also has a well-organized Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which offers some free mediation time for parties who have a pending family law matter. As you can see, Fulton County provides many tools to assist in facilitating a divorce in a fiscally responsible manner.


Fulton county has done a good job of putting a lot of the basic forms needed for a divorce online. Some of the critical forms we wanted to direct your attention to are:

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