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Choosing the best Roswell divorce lawyer for your case isn't that difficult when you know what to look for. Experience practicing family law and divorce is critically important. However, the best lawyer for your particular case will be a lawyer that is experienced practicing family law in the county that you will file in. How do you know which county you will file your case in? Generally speaking, if you and your spouse live together, your case will likely be filed in the county that you both live in. Keep in mind that if you and your spouse live separately, you may up end having to file your case in the county where your spouse lives. If you and your spouse live in Roswell, Georgia your divorce will probably be filed in Fulton County Superior Court.

Why does local experience in divorce and family law cases matter? Different judges have different preferences and local courts may have unique local rules and procedures. Having a lawyer who is familiar with practicing in your local area would be advantageous. Meriwether & Tharp's Roswell/Alpharetta office is fully staffed and has been helping divorce and family law clients through difficult times in and around the Roswell area for over 20 years.

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Meriwether & Tharp's Roswell/Alpharetta office has been serving clients for over 20 years. The office is conveniently located less than 20 minutes away from Downtown Roswell near the Avalon Shopping Center.

Via US-19/400 North -

Starting on Norcross St N in Downtown Roswell. Turn right onto Holcomb Bridge Rd before merging onto US-19 N. Take exit 10 to merge onto GA-120 E/Old Milton Pkwy. Take a right onto North Point Pkwy before finding your destination off of Great Oaks Way.

Taking the First Step in Divorce

Like many things in life, the first step is educating yourself. Knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect in a divorce can definitely take a lot of the anxiety away. Feel free to browse the topics below to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed in your case.

Divorce Hurts, but It Doesn't Have to be Nasty

How are you supposed to select the best divorce lawyer for you when divorce lawyers tend to say the same things?

Is it possible the traditional method could actually be making things worse?