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While choosing the best Dunwoody divorce lawyer for your case, you should consider the firm's location in proximity to you as well as the firm's overall experience trying cases in the county where your case will be filed. Location is important because your case will likely be filed in the county where you and your spouse live, but if you and your spouse live separately, your divorce will probably be filed in the county where your spouse lives. A Dunwoody divorce will most likely be filed in DeKalb County Superior Court, but part of Dunwoody may be located in Fulton County and would be filed in Fulton County Superior Court.

Because different counties and judges have unique local rules and preferences, it is not only in your best interest to find a family law attorney whose office is located near you, but you should also consider choosing an attorney who has experience dealing with divorce and family law issues (child custody, child support, property division, alimony etc.) in the county where your case will be filed. Meriwether & Tharp's Dunwoody/Atlanta office is fully staffed and has been assisting divorce and family law clients through difficult times for over 20 years.

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Meriwether & Tharp's Dunwoody/Midtown Atlanta office is located in the Invesco building on Peachtree Street NE. We are across the street from Savannah College of Art and Design and near the famous Rhodes Hall.

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Start by driving onto GA-400 S. Keep left to stay on GA-400 S. Take the exit toward Sidney Marcus Blvd NE. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Lenox Road/I-85 and merge onto Sidney Marcus Blvd NE. Use the right lane to take the GA-13 S ramp to I-85 S. Continue onto GA-13 S. Use the left lane to take the exit toward Peachtree Street. Continue onto S Rhodes Center NW. Finally, turn left onto Peachtree St NE. Our office will be on the right.

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Like many things in life, the first step is educating yourself. Knowledge is power. Knowing what to expect in a divorce can definitely take a lot of the anxiety away. Feel free to browse the topics below to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to succeed in your case.

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