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Wondering What to do with Your Wedding Ring Post-Divorce?

Throw it in the ocean. Bury it. Flush it down the toilet. Mail it to his new girlfriend. These are all potential answers to the question of what to do with your wedding and/or engagement ring post-divorce. Realistically though, the most prudent thing to do with your ring post-divorce is to sell it.

Attorney’s fees, debt, fees associated with the transfer of property and child support and alimony obligations are all costs associated with divorce that many are left to cope with once the divorce process is over. The return received in the sale of your ring may substantially mitigate or even completely satisfy these costs post-divorce.  Not only can selling your ring post-divorce help ease financial pressure, but selling the ring can also help your rid yourself of the past emotional attachment the ring symbolizes. When making the decision to sell your wedding/engagement ring post-divorce, the first place to contact is the broker or store where your ring was purchased. If that particular diamond broker does not re-purchase diamond jewelry, ask them about a reputable diamond professional who will.



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