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Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – Custody Battle Brewing

A contentious custody battle is heating up between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. Rose currently has primary custody of their two-year-old son, Sebastian, but it appears that Khalifa is getting ready to challenge this custody arrangement. Wiz Khalifa - Amber Rose is a Slacker as a Mom…Wants More Custody, by TMZ Staff,, February 17, 2015. In preparing to file a custody modification action, Khalifa has allegedly put together a list of complaints about Rose, including that other people are actually taking care of Sebastian because she often stays out all night, she barely spends any time with him, and she and her mom have had several screaming arguments around Sebastian that caused him to become upset. In addition, Khalifa attempted to throw Sebastian a birthday party, but Rose refused to even bring him over. Wiz Khalifa - Gotcha Amber! I Just Threw a Birthday Bash for Sebastian, by TMZ Staff,, February 27, 2015. For his part, Khalifa has not necessarily been a model parent as he has been photographed partying and acting the way he has complained Rose is acting.

Any custody determination will be based upon the best interests of the child. If this case were in Georgia, Khalifa would have to prove a substantial change in circumstances affecting Sebastian's best interests in order to modify the current custody agreement. In other words, he would have to prove that something had changed since the initial custody agreement that would make the current custody agreement no longer appropriate. The Judge would consider both parent's lifestyles and their various complaints about one another in determining the best interests of the child. Looking at the recent news articles about Khalifa and Rose, it is clear that neither of them are the stereotypical "model" parent. But just because a parent goes out a lot and may not always be home, it doesn't mean that person is a bad parent. In a case such as this, a Judge often appoints a guardian ad litem to further investigate the allegations in the case and to dig through the various mudslinging in search of the truth. The guardian ad litem will conduct interviews and visit each parent's home to observe him/her with the child. The guardian may also interview other people who know the parents and/or the child and could offer additional information about the case. Hopefully, a thorough investigation will be done in this case so Sebastian can be in the custody of the parent with whom it would be in his best interest.

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