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Defining Infidelity

For purposes of divorce in Georgia, adultery (infidelity) is defined as sexual relations with a person other than his/her spouse. In daily life, however, people define infidelity differently. What Is Cheating? New Survey Reveals How Men And Women Define Infidelity,, January 21, 2014. The Second Annual State of Dating in America report, jointly commissioned by dating sitesChristian Mingle and JDate, found that men and women define infidelity differently, but women's attitudes on the topic have become more liberal.

According to the report, in 2013, 82% of women and 56% of men said they considered "sexting" or online flirting to be infidelity. That number dropped this year to 68% for women and 51% for men.Also, in 2013, 100% of women and 86% of men said that kissing someone passionately was infidelity. These numbers dropped to 90% for women and 75% for men in 2014.

One surprising stat is that nearly 25% of single women and men would consider marrying someone who had cheated on them while they were dating. Either these people do not learn from their mistakesin trusting a person, or they believe that the sacred vow of marriage will make their mate act differently.


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