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Why Online Divorce Forms Fail: Focus on Getting to a Deal


Most divorces can be quite simple, so long as the parties can maintain the correct mindset. A big mistake many people make in their divorce is to get caught up in emotions and act out of anger, revenge, guilt, etc.

Often times, parties believe they can begin the divorce process with a simple, uncontested case, where the parties can agree on all issues in the divorce. However, sometimes when parties begin to disagree or argue over minor issues, they become distracted by the emotions of 'winning' or 'beating' the other party. Making decisions based on emotions can cause a divorce to be lengthy and expensive.

Resolution Focused Approach

Rather than an aggressive, litigious approach, Meriwether & Tharp recommends a resolution focused approach. The resolution focused approach allows the parties and their lawyers to negotiate the issues which are most important to them, in order to come to a mutually agreeable resolution. This approach is usually much cheaper and quicker than a battle in court.

Making a Deal

Many divorces, which were once cordial, can easily become contentious when the parties get caught up in emotions. To resolve your marriage efficiently, you and your attorney should focus on your interests (things you want or need), rather than a certain position you have decided upon.

You will also need to identify the needs, desires, concerns, and fears of your spouse in order to work toward a resolution. You may have to concede on a lesser issue to prevail on a more important issue, but by focusing on each party's driving interests, the parties and their attorney's should be able to devise a solution which would be acceptable for both parties.

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Written by: Rebekah Ann James


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