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Thirteen Reasons to Divorce in Georgia: Part 7

Reason #7: Your spouse abandoned you.

In order for a partnership to be successful, both partners must cooperate and actively participate in the partnership. If one party refuses to participate or abandons the partnership, there is no reason for the other party to continue on as a member of the failed partnership. Marriage is just like a partnership. Both parties must participate in order for a marriage to be successful. So, if one spouse abandons the marriage, there is no need for the other spouse to continue on in a failed and unfulfilling marriage.

In fact, in Georgia, one spouse may seek divorce due to the “willful and continued desertion [of the other spouse] for a term of one year.” O.C.G.A. § 19-5-3 (7). Put another way, a wife may seek a divorce if her husband willfully deserts her, and he is gone for an uninterrupted one year period. Not only may a spouse seek a divorce based on the other spouse’s physical desertion, a spouse may also seek divorce due to a spouse’s conjugal desertion, or refusal to engage in conjugal relations without justification.


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