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Should I Restore My Maiden Name Post-Divorce?

To restore or not to restore? A question that is commonly pondered by women before, during, and even after the divorce process. Just like the decision on whether to take on your husband's last name was a major decision, the decision on whether to drop your soon to be ex-husbands' last name is a monumental decision as well. If you are considering the divorce process in Georgia, rest assured that you do not have to make this decision immediately, but when the time does come it's best to have really considered the question: "Should I restore my maiden name?"

The decision of whether to retain your husband's last name or return to your maiden name post-divorce is a decision that only you can make, and there is not one size fits all answer to this widely posed question. Each woman must decide on her own what will be in the best interest of her and her family. However, as experienced divorce attorneys, we suggest that any woman considering this question make the following considerations before coming to her ultimate conclusion.

  • Professional considerations. If you have developed a professional reputation using your spouse's last name, it may be important to you to retain your husband's last name post-divorce to minimize confusion among clients, patients, or colleagues.
  • Children's last names. Generally when a woman changes her name post-divorce her children's names remain the same. With this being said, if you have children from your marriage and it is important for you to identify with your children for school or personal reasons, retaining your husband's last name may be a viable option.
  • Identifying with ex-spouse. Unfortunately, many marriages end due to wrong doing perpetrated by one of the spouses, such as infidelity, abuse or the commission of a criminal act. In cases such as this, many wives choose to restore their maiden names post-divorce so as not to be identified with their ex-spouse any longer.
  • Independence. After going through an incredibly difficult divorce process, many women are excited at the prospect of finally attaining their independence from a failing marriage, and restoring their maiden name is just the final liberating step in that process.


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