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Interesting Divorce Cases – Carnegie Deli in New York City

People get divorced for an infinite number of reasons. Experienced divorce attorneys don’t get shocked too often about the reasons behind a couple’s split. Nonetheless, every relationship isunique – and there are definitely some interesting reasons for divorce that are not heard too often.

Such is the case with the owner of the famous Carnegie Deli in New York City. Carnegie Deli Owner in Divorce Battle Says Husband Cheated AND Gave Away SecretRecipes,, November 20, 2013. After 22 years of marriage, Marian Levine, filed for divorce claiming that her husband cheated on her with a former waitress at the restaurant. To make matters worse, he allegedly gave his mistress secret recipes for some of the restaurant’s best sellers. In fact, Levine alleges that her husband gave his mistress so muchinside information about their top-secret food that her family opened a Carnegie Deli knockoff in their homeland of Thailand. In addition, it appears that Levine’s husband was paying hismistress’ mortgage and plastic surgery, and buying her expensive jewelry. Assuming this was done with marital funds, he could be in world of trouble in his divorce action.

The divorce lawsuit is pending as is another lawsuit by Levine against her husband for stealing the recipes and company secrets. With the high level of animosity this appears to have brought, itis unlikely that this case is going away any time soon.


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