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How to Effectively Use Mediation to Settle with Your Atlanta Divorce – Part II

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In part two of our ten part series on how to effectively use mediation, we will continue to examine steps to take to make sure you and your Atlanta divorce lawyer are ready for mediation. This blog will also work if you and your spouse plan on using mediation to settle your case without an Atlanta Divorce lawyer. This blog continues on the theme of the last blog, and that is BEING PREPARED.

Emotion – Being prepared does not just mean getting a handle on the financial situation. Once you and your Atlanta divorce lawyer are satisfied that you have a complete understanding of you and your spouses’ assets and liabilities, you need to prepare yourself emotionally. This can take several forms. Often, you need to discuss your anger or depression with Atlanta divorce lawyer in order to be able to put those feelings aside and negotiate in your own best interest. You need to be able to swallow your pride and focus on the end result, rather than on your feelings of vindictiveness or pain.

You need to be prepared intellectually, regardless of whether your spouse is. This involves listening to your Atlanta divorce lawyer when he or she tells you what a realistic outcome would be in Court. Your Atlanta divorce lawyer is there to honestly assess the case for you so that you understand what might reasonably be won if your Atlanta divorce case went to trial. For example, if you are insistent that you receive alimony, but the facts of the case do not suggest that a court would be sympathetic to such a claim, then it is imperative that your Atlanta divorce lawyer go over this with you before negotiation begins so that, if the other side refuses to pay alimony, you do not feel that you have conceded a valuable right that you would have obtained through litigation.


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