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How should we tell our children about the divorce?

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As Atlanta divorce attorneys, we are often asked about the right way to tell children that you and your spouse are getting a divorce. A divorce is a very difficult process to go through and,often times, it is toughest on the children who may struggle to understand why their family is changing, and may feel like their family is falling apart. Generally, there is no “right” way to tell the children, as every family is different and the reasons for the divorce can vary greatly. The important thing is to make the children understand that, though you and your spouse a re-separating, you both love them and will always be there for them. Depending on the ages of your children, it may also be helpful for the children to understand how the future will work – when they will see the parent who is moving out, who will take them to school, where they will live, etc. However you and your spouse choose to break the news to the children, do not let the conversation turn into finger pointing or bashing the other person. This will only make the whole process more difficult on the children, and will make for a much more acrimonious divorce.

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