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High Profile Custody Battles: Lorenzo Lamas vs. Shauna Sand

Recently, actor Lorenzo Lamas, known for his various film roles and his appearance on the popular television series The Bold and the Beautiful, received a very favorable judgment in his child custody battle with his ex-wife Shauna Sand. The judge presiding over the case modified the child custody arrangement from shared custody, where Lamas and Sand both enjoyed an equal amount of time with their three daughters, to awarding Lamas primary custody of his daughters. The three girls, aged 17, 15 and 13 will now live with Lamas full time, and Sand will be able to exercise parenting time every other weekend.

This change in the custody arrangement comes after the three girls submitted statements to the court advising, among other things, that their mother subjected them to verbal abuse and that Sand constantly brought new boyfriends into their home. Although it is not common for courts to make child custody decisions based on the wishes of the child or children involved, Georgia courts may consider a child's preference or a child's election when making initial custody decisions and when determining whether child custody should be modified.

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