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High Profile Child Custody Battles: Tyrese Gibson vs. Norma Gibson

Visitation disputes are unfortunately all too common between former spouses who share child custody. These disputes often get very contentious when one parent seeks to take a child out of state, even if only for a vacation. If one parent seeks to take a child out of the country, such disputes often become much more contentious. This was exactly the case between actor Tyrese Gibson, known for his role in the Fast and Furious movie series, and his ex-wife, Norma Gibson. Norma, who is an Israeli citizen, sought to take the couple’s 7 year old daughter to Israel for a vacation. However, due to his concerns that Norma would seek to remain in Israel permanently, Tyrese sought to prevent Norma from taking their daughter to Israel. TMZ reports that, despite Tyrese’s legal fight, a judge ordered Tyrese to turn over the child’s passport to Norma, so that Norma can take the child to Israel for two weeks for Spring vacation.

As Georgia divorce attorneys, it is not uncommon for us to confront issues where one parent seeks to take a child out of the state or country either temporarily or permanently. We have also dealt with issues where one parent seeks to withhold a child’s passport. Due to the complexities out of state or our of country travel presents with regard to child custody disputes, it is important for parents dealing with these types of conflicts to seek the advice of a child custody attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully resolve such issues.  Contact Meriwether & Tharp today with offices in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Woodstock, Cumming, Duluth, Decatur and Canton.


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