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Happy Father’s Day?: Celebrating Father’s Day After Divorce

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Father's Day should be a day for dad's to enjoy the opportunity to spend quality time with their children, and for kids to show dad some appreciation for all of his love and support. But, what about divorced dads? Divorce is a very stressful experience that often leaves both parties emotionally damaged. With that being said, it may be very tempting for some moms, post-divorce, to discourage, or at least fail to facilitate, the recognition of Father's day.

Although this may be tempting, both parents should encourage their children to spend time with and develop healthy relationships with their ex-spouse. Remember, even though the marriage may be over, a parent's relationship with his or her children is for a lifetime. Thus, it is important for children to feel free to show their love and respect for both parents. Below are three reasons why mothers should not only try to foster healthy relationships between their ex-husbands and their children, but encourage their children to celebrate their father on Father's Day as well. Remember, Mother's Day will be here again before you know it!

1. Parents are forever - As mentioned above, although marriages end, relationships between parents and children should last a lifetime. Your children should never feel as if they have to choose between you and your ex-spouse. Encouraging them to celebrate their father is one way that you can show that you value their relationship with their father as much as they do.

2. Your ex-husband is your co-parent - Post divorce, successful co-parenting is necessary in order to ensure that your children are able to cope with the divorce in a healthy manner. Helping your children celebrate Father's Day will exemplify your solidarity as parents, which in turn will reinforce the need for your children to respect you and your ex-husband equally as parents.

3. Kids need quality time with both parents - In order to have a quality relationship with both parents, it is essential that children spend quality time with both parents. This is essential not only because it allows the bonds between parents and children to grow stronger over time, but also because children often have different experiences with dad than they do with mom. For example, let's say you prefer outdoor activities with your children like hiking or swimming, but your ex is a talented pianist. By spending quality time with both parents, your children will be exposed to both unique experiences - they will get the best of both worlds. Father's Day is the perfect opportunity for your children to spend some quality time with dad.

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