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30-Day and 60-Day Scheduling Conferences in Fulton County

In Fulton County family law cases, scheduling conferences are used to ensure a case is moving forward. Parties, attorneys (if any) and the judicial officer must all be present at the scheduling conference, which is usually held in a small meeting room outside the courtroom. Unlike a trial, no one else may attend or observe. There are two scheduling conferences - one approximately 30days after the case is filed and one approximately 60 days after the case is filed (or 30 days after the first scheduling conference).

At the 30-day scheduling conference, the parties and judicial officer will discuss the status of the case, including the issues on which the parties agree and disagree. A game plan will then be made for the remainder of the case and a Consolidated Scheduling Order will be filed with the court. This Order will include deadlines for discovery, mediation, and trial. A temporary hearing to resolve issues such as child custody or child support on a temporary basis can also be scheduled at this conference, if necessary. The judicial officer can also immediately refer the parties for mediation.

At the 60-day scheduling conference, the parties and judicial officer will again discuss the status of the case and attempt to come to an agreement on any remaining unresolved issues. If an issue was resolved at the 30-day conference or any hearing thereafter, it cannot again be raised at this conference unless a party can convince the judicial officer that it is necessary to revisit the issue (i.e. if something has changed that may affect the best interests of the children). The judicial officer then has the same options as at the 30-day conference - set for final hearing (issues settled), temporary hearing, mediation, Consolidated Scheduling Order (if a new one is necessary).

For more information about the 30 and 60 day scheduling conferences in Fulton County, including a list of the items you should bring with you, please visit the Fulton County Family Law website.


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