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Happily Ever After: The Money Talk

We all enjoy having money, but for some reason money isn’t always the most popular topic of conversation, especially between couples.  Often, discussions concerning money lead to disagreements between couples. Due to a desire to avoid conflict, couples tend to ignore important financial issues until irreparable problems arise.

Below are a list of questions and topics of conversation that any couple considering marriage in Georgia should discuss prior to walking down the aisle. Although having the money talk may be a little uncomfortable at first, engaging in this brief quiz with your future spouse will provide you both with the insight necessary to communicate with each other effectively concerning finances, and to reconcile any major differences of opinion prior to marriage.

The Money Talk: Quiz for Couples Considering Marriage in Georgia

  1. Should we have joint or separate accounts?
  2. Will one of us be a stay at home parent, or will we both work?
  3. Should we pay bills separately or together?
  4. How many credit cards should he have?
  5. Should we rent or own our home?
  6. How do you parents handle their finances?  Who balances the checkbook, pays the bills, etc.?
  7. How do your parents save money?
  8. Did your parents ever talk about money?
  9. Are you a saver or spender?
  10. Do you have a budget? How do you keep track of it?
  11. Are you a conservative of aggressive investor?
  12. What are your income goals?
  13. How do you feel about prenuptial agreements?
  14. Have you ever lost money investing? How much?
  15. Name your three worst money mistakes.
  16. What is the most expensive item you have ever purchased?
  17. What are your money fears?
  18. Have you begun planning for retirement? How?


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