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Georgia Case Law Update – Visitation, Child Support, Marital Property

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In Rumley-Miawama v. Miawama (S08F1541), the Supreme Court of Georgia heard a Wife's appeal from the judgment in her divorce case. The Wife was unhappy with the visitation, child support and equitable division of property portions of the trial court's judgment.

In regard to child support, the Supreme Court affirmed the trial court's decision not to apply a deviation from the child support guidelines for equal parenting time and held that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in choosing not to apply this deviation. The Supreme Court pointed out that the trial court did use its discretion to give the Wife a deviation for travel expenses.

The Supreme Court of Georgia did agree with the Wife that the trial court erred in including a self-executing change of visitation provision in its judgments. The visitation portion of the judgment, which takes effect if Wife moves out of state and significantly limits her visitation, was reversed, as the Supreme Court held that it failed to reflect consideration of the best interests of the children, which is of paramount importance in Georgia.

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