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Fulton County Rule 1000-4 Motion

If you are currently undergoing a domestic relations action in Atlanta or Fulton County, such as a divorce, legitimation action, child support action or child custody modification action, it is very likely that you have either attended a status conference or will be attending one in the very near future. In Fulton County, status conferences are judicial conferences that are conducted by the Judge presiding over the matter or a Judicial Officer appointed to aid the presiding Judge designed to expedite the flow of domestic relations cases in Fulton County and to efficiently resolve pre-trial issues in these matters before final hearings are set.

Although Judges may preside over these hearings, they are most often presided over by Judicial Officers, who have the power to hear motions and make rulings similar to judges. However, if you would prefer that the presiding Judge in your matter make all of the decisions in your case, instead of the Judicial Officer, you may file what is known as a Rule 1000-4 Motion with the court. In essence, this motion takes the power to render decisions in your matter away from the Judicial Officer assigned to you, and notifies the court, the Judicial Officer and the opposing party or opposing attorney in your case that you desire to have all issues resolved by the presiding Judge.

Please note that filing this motion with the court does not relieve either party from attending a scheduled status conference. Generally, parties take advantage of this motion to ensure continuity in their matter, by having all decisions rendered by one person - the presiding Judge. If you want to learn more about Rule 1000-4 Motions, status conferences or Judicial Officers in Fulton County Family Court, contact one of our friendly and qualified family law professionals at Meriwether and Tharp.


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