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Dating after divorce – How does it affect the kids?

At some point after a divorce, it is possible, or even likely, that each party will begin to date again. If parties have children together, this can make dating again a little more complicated because you have to think about how they may react. You also need to consider at what point it would be appropriate to introduce a new girlfriend/boyfriend to your children. One person who may have a strong opinion about this topic is your ex because, even though you may be divorced, you must still co-parent your children. For this reason, many people include a paragraph addressing this issue in their divorce settlement agreement.

Often, in drafting language to cover this issue, parents are most concerned about their ex having a girlfriend/boyfriend spend the night while the children are also in the house. A parent with that concern may put language in the settlement agreement prohibiting any person of the opposite sex (unless related by blood or marriage) from spending the night in the same residence as the children. Including people of the same sex, if sexually or romantically involved with that parent, can further extend this prohibition. It should be noted that if you are unable to settle your divorce and must go through a trial, you should ask the Judge to put similar language in your Final Divorce Decree.


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