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Do You Have a Winning Divorce Team?

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If you are considering divorce or if you are currently going through the divorce process in Georgia, you have likely already realized that the divorce is no easy task. Although there is no doubt that divorce is tough, with a winning divorce team on your side, divorce doesn't have to be nasty and it doesn't have to be a completely overwhelming experience.

At Meriwether & Tharp, we utilize a team approach to ensure maximum efficiency as we guide our clients through the divorce process, or as we help our client deal with other family law concerns such as modification actions or legitimization suits. In addition to assigning a team of dedicated family law attorneys and legal staff members to each client's matter, we also realize that divorce often involves much more than legal considerations. For this reason, we have developed relationships with several qualified professionals who are able to work with us to help achieve our clients' goals. We often work financial advisors, forensic accountants, parenting coordinators, real estate professionals, and therapists and counselors in order to provide our clients with a well-rounded and effective approach to divorce.

Do you have a winning divorce team on your side? Put our team of trusted Atlanta divorce attorneys to work on your matter. Contact us today!

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