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Do I Have to Attend a Parenting Seminar?

In Georgia, several counties have chosen to implement parenting seminars, which are programs "designed to educate the parties to domestic relations actions in regard to the effects of divorce on minor children of the marriage." Uniform Superior Court Rule 24.8. These seminars usually require both parties to a divorce, or any other domestic relations action in which a child custody determination must be made, to attend a seminar that educates parents on the effects that divorce may potentially have on the children involved. The counties that have chosen to implement these seminars generally require couples seeking a divorce in that county to attend the seminar before the case can be resolved on a final basis.

If you are seeking a divorce in a county in the Metro Atlanta area, and you have minor children, it is very likely that you must attend a parenting seminar. For more information on when and where to attend a parenting seminar for your Georgia divorce matter, speak with one of our family law attorney or paralegals at Meriwether & Tharp.


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