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Divorce Hurts, but Violence is Never the Answer

Recently, several news outlets have reported the story of a wife who attempted the murder of her husband in an attempt to avoid the divorce process. According to Kenneth Dearden, a New York real estate developer, he woke up on November 14, 2013 after being shot in the head by his wife, a New York Police Department psychologist. Fortunately for Dearden, he survived his injuries, and was able to inform the authorities of the identity of his attacker as well as the motive.

Apparently, Dearden's wife, who had been carrying on a two year long affair, planned to murder Dearden to avoid a contentious divorce and the costs associated with divorce, and to conceal her infidelity from family and friends.

In light of this story, the Atlanta Divorce Attorneys at Meriwether & Tharp feel it is important to note that yes, divorce hurts and it is often a messy and stressful process, but it should never lead to the physical injury of either parties. If you are going thorough a difficult time during your divorce, please see our pages on support groups.


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