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Divorce and Special Holiday Visitation

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When divorcing parents are trying to reach an agreement on holiday visitation, the holidays most often discussed are Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter Break, Easter/Spring Break, Mother's Day and Father's Day. This is not an exhaustive list of holidays, however, and there may be some additional special days that you want to discuss when working out a visitation schedule.

For example, if your extended family has a yearly reunion on July 4 each year, it may be important for you to have the children with you on this date every year, or at least as often as possible.In addition, for those families who celebrate the Jewish High Holidays, it may be important to those parents to work out an arrangement to split the holidays each year, or for each parent to have time with the children on each holiday.

Every family is different, and a holiday that is not important to one family may be very important to another, and vice versa. If a certain day means a lot to you and/or your former spouse, make sure you work out the details and include them in your settlement agreement to minimize later disagreements.

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