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Deviating from presumptive child support in Georgia

If you are working on settling an Atlanta divorce with your spouse and trying to determine the amount of child support to pay, you need to keep in mind one key factor. The amount of child support in Georgia must be reasonable and if you are deviating from the presumptive amount in the child support worksheets, you have to be able to explain the reasons for the deviation to the Atlanta divorce judge. If you cannot, he or she will most likely reject your settlement. The reason is that the right of child support belongs to the child and cannot be waived by an agreement of the parents. Worthington v. Worthington , 250 Ga. 730, 731 (1) (301 SE2d 44) (1983); Dept.of Human Resources v. Mitchell , 232 Ga. App. 215, 216-217 (1) (501 SE2d 508) (1998).

An Atlanta Divorce Lawyer can help you make sure that your agreement with your spouse is one that the Court's will accept. This will save you the pain and inconvenience of going to Court several times in the hopes that you have put together your paperwork in a manner that will be acceptable to your Atlanta Divorce Judge. Some attorneys, such as those at our Atlanta Divorce Law Firm will even offer a flat fee for this service.


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