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Child Support in Georgia: Case Example (Income Sharing Approach)

Our first in this series on child support analysis will focus on the impact of looking at BOTH parents' incomes in determining child support, the major change in the 2007 child support guidelines in Georgia. This example will assume no deviation factors in its analysis.

Our example will look at a couple in Alpharetta, Georgia getting a divorce. The father currently makes $100,000 per year ($8,333 per month). The mother is currently a stay at home mom raising their two children and will be the primary physical custodian of the children after the divorce. Using Georgia's Child Support Calculator, the father will pay $1,578 per month in child support for his two children.

But what happens if we changed our fact scenario just slightly and assumed that the mother was making a salary. For example, assume that the mother was making the following amounts per year:

$24,000 - Child support would be lowered to $1,454.12 per month.
$50,000 - Child support would be lowered to $1,356.73 per month.
$100,000 - Child support would be lowered to $1,194.00 per month.

As you can see, looking at both parents' incomes can have a substantial impact on the amount of child support under the new child support guidelines. For more information, see our previous post on How to Calculate Child Support in Georgia.


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