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Celebrity Family Law – “Sugar” Shane Mosley

Boxer "Sugar" Shane Mosley and his wife, Jin, divorced in 2011, but he's taking her back to court…claiming the marriage was never valid in the first place. "Sugar" Shane Mosley - My Ex-Wife Robbed Me…We Were NEVER Really Married, by TMZ Staff, August 6, 2015. Specifically, Mosley claims that while he and Jin married in 2002, Jin was married to another man from 1995 - 2006. Accordingly, Mosley claims that their marriage was never valid in the first place and, as such, they could not legally divorce. The reason this means so much to Mosley is Jin got significant property and alimony in the divorce, and now he wants it all back.

If this case were in Georgia, he would have a good point. In Georgia, to be able to enter into a marriage, a person must "[h]ave no living spouse of a previous unresolved marriage." O.C.G.A. § 19-3-2(a)(3). Marriages of people who violate this code "shall be void." O.C.G.A. § 19-3-5(a). Without a valid marriage, there can be no divorce. As such, it naturally follows that the divorce, and any accompanying orders, are also likely invalid.

For her part, Jin denies Mosley's allegations and says she was not married to anyone else during that time. Thus, for Mosley to have a chance of being successful, he will have to produce marriage certificates and divorce decrees to prove that Jin committed bigamy and their marriage and resulting divorce were invalid.

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