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Can Divorce Reduce my Social Security Retirement Benefits?

Many divorcés or soon to be divorcés who are familiar with the Social Security program or Social Security Retirement benefits may be aware that upon divorce, one ex-spouse may be entitled to receive retirement benefits stemming from the other ex-spouse’s work history. This also leads to the question: “Can divorce reduce my Social Security retirement benefits?” Fortunately for divorced individuals and those who are currently going through the divorce process in Georgia, the answer to this question is no.

If you and your ex-spouse were married for longer than ten years and paid into the Social Security Trust Fund, your ex-spouse may be able to receive Social Security Retirement benefits on your account when he or she reaches the age of 62. However, this is no way effects the amount of Social Security Retirement benefits you are entitled to upon your retirement. To learn more about Social Security Retirement benefits for divorced individuals, or for information concerning the amount of retirement benefits you may be entitled to receive once you retire, contact the Social Security Administration online or by phone at (800) 772-1213.



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