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Break Ups and Social Media

This site has featured several articles about how social media can have an impact on your relationship and/or divorce. It is important to remember that airing your dirty relationship laundry on social media sites such as Facebook can do more harm than good. However, despite knowing that anything posted on Facebook can be seen by, at a minimum, your Facebook friends (or more depending on your privacy settings), people, including those in the public eye, often can’t seem to resist publicizing tidbits about their relationships.

U.S. Senate candidate, Thomas Ravenel, recently ranted about the mother of his child, actress Kathryn Dennis, on Facebook, then announced that their relationship was over. Thomas Ravenel on Facebook: Relationship with Kathryn Dennis is over, by Andy Paras, The Post and Courier, October 27, 2014. Specifically, Ravenel’s post read as follows: “When the allegations surfaced that I had assaulted Kathryn Dennis’ hairdresser, I pleaded with Kathryn to leave the Bravo shoot in Jekyll Island. They had even packed her bags and had lined up a driver. She told me she was coming to clear my name but then she backed out at the last second and delayed telling the truth by 1 an ½ day. $900K of my campaign money down the drain. The investigators even told me that if she would have just come collaborated the accuser’s story I would be cleared. The temptation of missing film time was more valuable to her. So telling. Our relationship is over.” Ravenel was clearly angry and wanted to tell his side of the story when he wrote that post, but he comes off looking childish and petty. As a political candidate, this is likely not the impression Ravenel wants to have.

It is prudent to take a step back, take a deep breath and think before airing dirty relationship laundry on social media. When you post in anger, there is a high probability you will write something you later wish you could take back. You can certainly delete the post, but you cannot erase it from the minds of those who already read it. Not only can these posts exacerbate an already contentious divorce case, but they may also be used against you in court. For this reason, most divorce attorneys will recommend that you refrain from posting anything about your relationship/divorce on social media sites until the case is over.



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