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Atlanta Reality Star Faces Federal Charges for not Paying Child Support

As discussed in our prior post concerning the consequence for failure to pay child support in Georgia, failing to pay court ordered child support is literally a criminal offense in certain instances. Not only is failure to pay child support a criminal offense according to Georgia law, but failure to pay child support may also be punishable as a federal criminal offense under certain circumstances.

An example of the use of federal criminal charges in response to the failure to pay child support is the case of reality star Steven Jordan, otherwise known as Stevie J. Stevie J, known for his role on VH1's reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and for his work in the entertainment industry as a musical producer, owes over $1 million in child support according to the criminal complaint filed by the US Attorney's Office. The criminal levied against the reality start is that he failed to pay over $10,000 in child support over a two year period. The alleged criminal activity amounts to a federal case because Stevie J, who resides in Georgia, failed to pay child support for his children who live in another state. His children live with their mother in New York. Specifically, according to a press release issued by the US Attorney's Office, US Attorneys allege that Stevie J has failed to pay over $1 million in child support over the last ten years, despite earning around $27,000 a month in his current role on the reality series.

Stevie J was arraigned in New York Federal Court in early February, and entered a plea of not guilty. Although it will likely be several months before this case is resolved, if Stevie J is convicted, he could face up to two years in prison.

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