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Am I a victim of domestic violence?

Domestic violence or domestic abuse can exist in a number of ways. Most often, people think of a woman who has been beaten by her husband or boyfriend as a victim of domestic violence. It is important to remember, however, that a woman can be the abuser and a man can be the victim. Domestic violence occurs in all types of couples - heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, etc. - across all races and at all income levels. The form of abuse can vary as well and includes physical abuse (punching, kicking, slapping and hair pulling), emotional or mental abuse (talking down to someone, isolating them from their families, and using scare tactics), spiritual abuse (not permitting someone to freely exercise their religion), or economic abuse (not providing someone the money they need or constantly keeping tabs of someone's spending). Victims of domestic violence often experience a combination of these types of abuse.

If you feel that you have been in a family violence situation or are currently going through a family violence situation, you can and should consider speaking with an Atlanta divorce attorney and obtaining a temporary protective order.

By Emily Yu, Associate Attorney, Meriwether & Tharp LLC


Domestic Violence
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