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5 Unconventional Signs of Infidelity

There are countless articles, advice columns and books dedicated to helping individuals detect whether their spouse or significant other may be involved in an affair or whether a spouse has a greater propensity to be unfaithful. Common warning signs of potential infidelity include sudden schedule changes, inexplicable or secretive spending or sudden changes in musical tastes. However, according to family relationship specialist Dr. Robin Milhausen and neuroscientist Dr. Giovanni Frazzetto, there are other more unconventional and often more scientific indications that an individual is more likely to be unfaithful.

#1: Deeper tone of voice. Studies show that women generally prefer men with deeper voices, because a deep voice is an indicator that a man has lots of testosterone. A man's tone of voice may be an indicator of his propensity for infidelity because research has linked high levels of testosterone with likeliness to cheat.

#2: Career success. According to international studies on the subject, men and women who are excelling in their careers are more likely to cheat. Conversely, another study found that in cases where one spouse was more financially dependent on the other spouse, men were more likely to cheat if they were the dependent spouse, while women were less likely to cheat.

#3: Intimacy issues. According to researchers at Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion, if a husband experiences intimacy or arousal difficulties with his spouse, he is more likely to engage in an extramarital affair in an effort to heighten arousal.

#4: Negative personality. Negative personality traits, such as moodiness and anxiety tend to be more closely associated with infidelity.

#5: Divorced parents. Children of divorced parents are more likely to end their own marriages via divorce than children whose parents remain married. Although every marriage does not dissolve due to infidelity, unfaithfulness remains one of the main factors leading to divorce in the U.S. Thus, having a spouse whose parents are divorced may indicate an increased likelihood of divorce - possibly due to infidelity.


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