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Serving the cities of Atlanta, Chamblee, Decatur, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Stone Mountain, and others.

DeKalb Overview

In 1853 Dekalb County gave up a large portion of its land for the creation of Fulton County, along a dividing line now marked by Moreland Avenue.  Named after a soldier who fought in the American Revolutionary Way (Baron Johann de Kalb), Dekalb County is the third most populous county in Georgia.  Located in downtown Decatur, a short walk from great food and shopping, lies the Dekalb County Superior Courthouse.  The Dekalb County Superior Court bench is comprised of ten (10) seated Judges, all of whom hear cases related to family law, including, but not limited to divorces, modification and contempt actions, family violence matters, etc.  Mediation services are also provided in Dekalb County, and the Dekalb Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution is located a short walk from the courthouse. Dekalb County, like all of its neighbors, require assistance in its effort to deal with all of the filed legal matters.  Accordingly, to help deal with the large amount of work the Superior Court judiciary relies on magistrate judges, who are often tasked with hearing temporary and final hearings in pending family law matters. Practically speaking, this means that the judge to whom your case is initially assigned may very well not be the judge who ultimately presides over a temporary or final hearing in your case.  A formal request can be made in a case for matters to be heard by the assigned Superior Court Judge, rather than by a magistrate judge, but such an act may not be necessary in all cases or in all situations.

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