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Charlie Sheen Child Support Modification

Charlie Sheen just can't seem to sustain an amicable relationship with any of his exes. He is currently locked in a legal battle with ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, over child support. Charlie Sheen - Money is Tight…I Can't Pay Ridiculous Child Support, by TMZ Staff, March 4, 2016, Sheen currently pays $55,000/month in child support for the former couple's twin boys, Bob and Max. According to Sheen, this amount was set when he was making $613,000/month from "Two and a Half Men" profits. However, he had to sell the rights to those profits for $26,750,000 so his monthly income substantially decreased and, according to Sheen, that, combined with significant expenses, legal fees and credit card debts, puts him in a situation where he needs a child support modification.

According to the article, Sheen does not specify what happened to the enormous lump sum payment he received for the rights to the "Two and a Half Men" profits, and this could be a huge issue for him. If his former income of $613,000/month is accurate, then this lump sum covers nearly 4 years at that amount. This does not even include the substantial interest that could be earned on an amount that high. Unless there was a specific expense that had to be paid with this money, a Judge is not going to ignore this lump sum. Sheen cannot have over $26 million in the bank and claim poverty. Rather, the amount will be considered in determining whether child support should be modified. If this case were in Georgia, the amount would certainly be used in determining Sheen's gross income. O.C.G.A. § 19-6-15(f)(1). It would likely be considered part of Sheen's salary, but could also be considered under the "other income" catchall provision. Either way, Sheen earned this lump sum in lieu of continuous monthly payments. It is income and will be treated as such for purposes of child support.

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