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Georgia’s Child Support Worksheets provide the guidelines that are the minimum basis for determining the amount of child support that is most appropriate for a particular case. At a basic level, the Child Support Worksheet requires both parents to enter in their financial information to calculate a presumptive amount of child support. This presumptive amount of child support may be altered upward or downward in amount by deviations. 

The Child Support Worksheet

  • What is the Child Support Worksheet?

    The Child Support Worksheet itself is a document used to enter the financial information of both parents to calculate the amount of child support according to Georgia’s child support guidelines. Georgia’s child support worksheets or guidelines must be used by courts when entering child support orders regardless of whether the case is contested or uncontested.

  • Completing Child Support Worksheets

    Instructions regarding how to complete a child support worksheet may be found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated. However, these instructions are very technical and may prove to be more confusing than helpful. Below we have provided an example child support worksheet with tips for completion that can assist you in completing the worksheet.

Deviations: Varying The Amount

The Child Support Worksheet provides a presumptive amount of child support. This presumptive amount may be varied upward or downward through deviations. Some deviations must be be taken into account during the child support calculation if they are applicable. These deviations are referred to as Mandatory Deviations. In addition to the Mandatory Deviations, there are several other Non-Mandatory or Discretionary Deviations that MAY increase or decrease the presumptive amount of child support in Georgia. 

Income & Child Support Determinations

  • Gross Income

    Gross income is an important variable used to calculate the presumptive amount of child support in the Child Support Worksheet. Gross income means all income from any source, whether earned or unearned. There are certain adjustments that may be made to gross income to reduce it. 

  • Imputed Income

    If there is no reliable evidence of a parent’s income, the court will impute or assign that parent an income amount. The primary reason that a court may impute income on a parent is when that parent is voluntarily unemployed or voluntarily underemployed. 

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