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Women's Shelters

Women's Shelters

Due to the nature of abusive relationships, victims of domestic violence may view seeking a divorce as an insurmountable task. Although seeking a divorce will be more difficult as a victim of domestic violence, if you are a woman in an emotionally, physically, or financially abusive relationship and you are ready to free yourself and your children from the cycle of violence it is essential that you take the appropriate steps necessary to prepare yourself for the divorce process. Because domestic or family violence is about control, your spouse will likely try to prevent you from severing the relationship. Below are some steps that you can take to safely begin the divorce process.

Above all else, you should immediately make arrangements for you and your children to move out of the family home. After months or even years in an abusive and controlling relationship, your options regarding where to go after leaving the family home may be severely limited. Fortunately, there are several resources and women's shelters available in Georgia to help women and children escaping abusive households. In addition to the steps outlined below designed to help you plan and implement your exit strategy, there is also a listing of Georgia women's shelters in some of the cities and counties we serve and a list of domestic violence resources. Not only will these resources provide much needed shelter and asylum for you and your children, but they also provide the assistance necessary to help you on your road to independence and a healthy and happy life.

Safely Planning an Exit

  • Get a post office box so you can receive mail privately.
  • Open a bank account in your own name only. This will provide you with a place to amass money and transfer your assets to without alerting your spouse to your plans. Alternatively, you may purchase a prepaid debit card. These cards may be purchased at several supermarkets or drugstores for a small fee. Once purchased, you can loan the card with as much money as you can. These cards are often reloadable, so they may be used multiple times without the need to purchase another card.
  • Collect and keep copies of all your important document, such as bank statements, social security numbers, and birth and marriage certificates and documentation of jointly held assets. It's important to have a place outside of the home where you keep these documents.
  • Set up a private email account to communicate with your divorce attorney or other professionals that may offer you assistance as you begin the divorce process. It is advisable to access this email account as well as any online resources related to divorce or domestic violence at a public library or other public location where computers and the internet are accessible as your spouse may be monitoring your computer activity at home.
  • Consider seeking the help of trusted relatives for help relocating and hiring a divorce attorney.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence Centers

Georgia Department of Human Resources - Family Violence in Georgia

Georgia Women's Shelters


Face To Face YWCA of Greater Atlanta

599 Mitchell St. Atlanta, GA 30314

Hotline: 404-752-6199 Office: 404-614-2029

Raksha: A Non-Profit Support Network for South Asians

PO Box 12337 Atlanta, GA 30355

Hotline: 404-842-0725 Toll-free: 866-725-7423 or 877-672-5742

Shalom Bayit (JFCS)

4549 Chamblee Dunwoody Road, NE Atlanta, GA 30338

Phone: 770-677-9300

Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence

P.O. Box 171 Atlanta, GA 30031

Phone: 404-508-9717 Hotline: 404-688-9436

Baitul Salaam Network

PO Box 11041 Atlanta, GA 30310 Phone: 404-366-6610

Toll Free: 800-285-9489 (Enter Pin number "00" when prompted).

The Black Church and Domestic Violence Institute

2740 Greenbriar Parkway Suite 256

Atlanta, GA 30331

Phone: 770-909-0715 Fax: 770-907-4069

Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV)

619 Edgewood Ave., Suite 101 Atlanta, GA 30312 Fulton County

Hotline: 404-873-1766 Gwinnett County Hotline: 770-963-9799

Georgia State Victim Assistance Academy (GSVAA) Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

503 Oak Place, Suite 540 Atlanta, Georgia 30349

404/559-4949 (Voice) 404/559-4960 (Fax)

Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children

250 Georgia Avenue, S.E., Suite 308 Atlanta, GA 30312

Toll free: 800-334-2836 Phone: 404-524-3847 FAX: 404-524-5959

The Women's Crisis Center of the Masters Inn, Inc.

P.O. Box 87515 College Park, GA 30337

Business #: 404-969-6421 Hotline/Crisis: 404-969-6423


Calhoun/Gardon County Council on Battered Women

P.O. Box 2315 Calhoun GA 30703

Phone: 706-629-6065 Hotline/Crisis: 706-629-1111


Project Renewal

PO Box 1205 Conyers, GA 30012

Phone: 770-860-9770 Hotline: 770-860-1666


Forsyth County Family Haven

PO Box 1160 Cumming, GA 30028

Phone: 770-889-9431 Hotline: 770-887-1121


Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence

114 New St., Suite B Decatur, GA 30030

Phone (Voice or TTY): 404-209-0280 800-33-HAVEN (800-334-2836)

International Women's House

P.O. Box 1327

Phone: 770-413-5557 Fax: 678-476-6804 Hotline: 770-413-5557

Women's Resource Center to End Domestic Violence

PO Box 171 Decatur, GA 30031

Phone: 404-508-9717 Hotline: 404-688-9436



PO Box 723 Douglasville, GA 30133

Phone: 770-949-0626 Hotline: 770-489-7513


Partnership Against Domestic Violence - Women Shelters Georgia

Hotline: 770-963-9799


YWCA of Cobb County Crisis Intervention

48 Henderson Street Marietta, GA 30064

Phone: 770-427-3390


Clayton County Association on Battered Women

Securus House

PO Box 870386 Morrow, GA 30287-0386

Phone: 770-960-7153 Hotline: 770-961-7233