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Typically, the parties will agree as to the duration of alimony payments or if the parties cannot agree, the court will make a determination regarding the duration. Alimony payments may end earlier than the expected with:

  1. The death of either spouse
  2. Re-marriage of the recipient spouse
  3. Cohabitation of the recipient spouse with a romantic partner.
  • Death of Either Spouse

    Alimony is terminable at the death of the obligated party, but also alimony terminates at the death of the recipient party. The rationale behind this is that the receipt of alimony is...
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  • Re-marriage

    In Georgia, only the remarriage of the recipient spouse terminates alimony - the remarriage of the obligated spouse has no effect on alimony payments.
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  • Cohabitation

    If the recipient spouse simply cohabitates with another individual, alimony may be terminated or modified. Thus, the obligated spouse must petition the court for modification or termination...
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Proving Cohabitation

Put plainly, if your ex-spouse begins living with a new boyfriend or girlfriend after you have been ordered to pay alimony to him or her, you may ask the court to downwardly modify your alimony obligation or terminate it completely. Despite their ability to seek a downward modification or termination of alimony pursuant to Georgia law, many obligated ex-spouses find it difficult if not impossible to prove to the court that their ex-spouse is cohabitating with a significant other.


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