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Visions Anew

Visions Anew

As mentioned in our article discussing divorce support groups, and how they may be helpful during the Georgia divorce process, Visions Anew Institute is a resources unique to Georgia that offers services and resources specifically tailored to aid those going through the divorce process in Georgia.

What is Visions Anew?

Visions Anew Institute is a non-profit organization that seeks to "empower individuals to navigate the divorce process with information, integrity, and dignity." Visions Anew was founded by Margot Swann in 1998. In response to the feeling overwhelmed by her own divorce in 1992, Margot decided to begin Visions Anew. Margot parlayed her firsthand experience with the divorce process into a unique organization aimed at helping both men and women alike navigate the divorce process successfully. Essentially, Visions Anew is a one stop shop that provides divorcing individuals with services ranging from divorce support groups to job search resources.

How can Visions Anew help in my Georgia Divorce?

Among the most popular resources offered by Visions Anew are the support groups and the Divorce Survival Weekends. Currently, Visions Anew offers eight divorce support groups that hold meetings throughout the Atlanta Metro area. Although Visions Anew was at one time focused primarily at assisting women during divorce, visions Anew now offers services directed toward both men and women and even has a divorce support group dedicated to men only.

In addition to the divorce support groups, which are led by volunteer therapists & psychologist, Visions Anew also hosts Divorce Survival Weekends. During these seminars, which are often held at rural or mountainous retreats, educational presentations are made by Divorce professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and counselors. The resources provided by visions Anew do not end with divorce support groups or the survival weekends. Below is a brief sampling of the other resources Visions Anew offers individuals seeking divorce related help:

  • Job search resources
  • Tool Kit for Divorcing Women - an informative guide that discusses topics ranging from child custody issues to from anger management during the divorce process.
  • Sample Parenting Plans, Child Support Worksheet, and Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  • Divorce Directory - a listing of professionals who may provide much needed divorce related advice and support, such as: divorce coaches, therapists, accountants, attorneys, mediators, and relators.

How can I contact Visions Anew?

Visions Anew Institute may be contacted via mail or telephone via the address and phone number below:

Visions Anew Institute

P.O. Box 680354

Marietta, GA 30068

Telephone: 770-953-2882

Alternately, Visions Anew Institute may be contacted via email at or via the contact form found on their website.