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Support Groups

Divorce is often one of the most traumatic and life changing experiences many people endure. In addition to the financial and physical toll, divorce also has emotional consequences for both parties involved. In the midst of this emotional turmoil, individuals often turn to the one person they encounter the most during their divorce process for emotional support, their divorce attorney. Although divorce attorneys are equipped to guide clients through the treacherous legal terrain of the Georgia divorce process, we are not equipped to help with emotional or mental health concerns.

Often we advise those who seek our help with their divorce, separate maintenance or other family law matter to seek the help of an individual therapist or family counselor to work through the emotional issues attendant to separation and divorce. Divorce support groups are another option. Generally, support groups involve regular meetings where people experiencing similar issues, such as divorce, gather together to talk to others who share similar concerns, and to and offer each other support, advice and encouragement. Especially in the context of divorce, participating in a support group may lessen the loneliness, anxiety and sadness that often comes with divorce and separation.

Below is a listing of Georgia divorce support groups and resources that may be used to locate divorce support groups in Georgia. Included in this list of resources is Visions Anew Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals "navigate the divorce process with information, integrity, and dignity." Divorce support groups are only one of the many services and resources Visions Anew offers. For more information regarding Visions Anew, see our article discussing exactly how Visions Anew may help in your journey through the Georgia divorce process.

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