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Summer Visitation

What is Considered Summer Vacation in Terms of Child Custody?

What is Considered Summer Vacation in Terms of Child Custody?

Generally, in terms of child custody, summer visitation is considered when school lets out for the summer until when school begins in the fall. Since school is not in session, arrangements for what your children will be doing during this newfound time are needed. Fortunately, there are plenty of possibilities, from vacations and summer camps to extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, these require planning and coordination between the parents, which can be difficult for divorced parents, especially when conflicts inevitably arise.

A well-defined summer schedule helps ease these conflicts by providing certainty to make travel and vacation plans, arrange time off from work, arrange childcare, and plan for camp and other children's activities during the summer months. Most importantly, it allows your children to experience summer camps and vacations to their fullest.

Top Things to Think About Related to Summer Custody Schedules

Routine Schedule

Routine Schedule

The starting point for any summer plan is the general pattern that will be followed when school is not in session.  Do you want to continue to follow the same schedule year-round?  Would you prefer to split the summer into portions? For example, 1st half with one parent and the second half with the other parent? 


During the summer, the extended uninterrupted time allows each parent to take vacations and make memories with their children.  Consider agreeing that each parent may take the children on vacation for two (or more) uninterrupted weeks.  We recommend having a notification deadline well in advance for claiming your summer weeks each year.  
Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Ideally, plan for these early so they will not conflict with summer vacations. Be sure to plan for how costs related to camps will be handled and disagreements on which camps to attend.  

The Week After School Ends and the Week Before School Starts

Consider keeping the routine schedule for the week after school ends to allow your children to celebrate and unwind after the end of school. We especially recommend that you consider starting the school schedule the week before school starts to allow your child to prepare for school and get all last-minute school supplies that are needed. 

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